„Welcome to Germany“
Tafel 1:
Responsibility and Openness
Defining a Welcoming Culture?
Tafel 2:
A podium discussion in Stuttgart
Frank-Walter Steinmeier, German Foreign Minister:
"A welcome culture has to start with what I call a “mental update”, the
question: in what kind of Germany do we live today?”
Tafel 3:
Immigration is part of Germany
- 20% of the population have foreign origins
- almost half have lived here for more than 20 years
- 400 000 immigrants arrive every year
Frank-Walter Steinmeier, German Foreign Minister:
"We have to get out there and present ourselves in the world, with our culture
in all its diversity, but also in terms of language. That will not just open the
door, it will ensure that people find the path through this door to us.”
Tafel 4:
Promoting German as a Foreign Language
- 14 million people learn German as a foreign language
- more than 1.700 schools teaching German are linked around the world
- Goethe-Institutes offer language courses
- the ifa promotes cultural exchange www.ifa.de
- the DAAD sponsors study exchange www.daad.de
Frank-Walter Steinmeier, German Foreign Minister:
"What we also need are some kind of Welcome Centres, which offer
orientation that goes beyond language learning.”
Tafel 5:
Welcome Centres in Germany
- helping with paperwork
- making it easier to get a start in society
- networking with companies
Frank-Walter Steinmeier, German Foreign Minister:
"Do we really feel it? Are we really welcoming to immigrants?”
Johannes Kärcher, Businessman with Extensive Foreign Experience:
"If we live peacefully happily and creatively, so that life gets better, then we
will attract people who want the same, and they will be happy to come here.”
Bilkay Öney, Integration Minister Baden-Württemberg:
"We support anti-racism measures, for example the project “schools without
raciscm” or “Schools with Courage”, as a way of dismantling predjudices at an
early age, so that young people are sensitized to the issues, although I have
to say, young people are pretty well equipped in this area already, because
there are very few classes that don't have migrants in the them.”
Nieri Kinyanjui, Entrepeneur of Kenyan Heritage:
"A welcome culture is when you allow people to feel welcome, that they are
here, that they can do things, that they are not a burden.”
Ergun Lümali, Works Council Daimler AG:
“Along with a welcome culture you also need a culture of recognition, after all,
there are 16 million people with foreign roots living in Germany already, and
they deserve just as much respect as those who have just arrived.”
Frank-Walter Steinmeier, German Foreign Minister:
“Open doors are one thing, but what we need are people from around the
world who are ready and interested in actually walking through those open